WooCoupon - Printing Coupon

This doc article explains how you can allow yourself or your customers to print coupons/vouchers/gift cards individually or in bulk.

Coupon printing is very useful for these applications:

  1. Print and distribute hundreds of unique coupons/vouchers via newspapers so that people can redeem them online or offline in your store.
  2. Print coupons and send them to your family or friends during Christmas or special occasions.
  3. Allow customers to print those coupons (store credit) that you send them via email.
  4. Your customers want to print all available coupons they can redeem.

There are three ways to print coupons/physical vouchers/gift cards/store credits:

This is for store owners.

  1. Go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on WooCoupon 
  2. Click All Coupons to get all coupons.
  3. Input email address for searching coupons and click Search Coupon button (Optionally, you can use the ‘Search box’ or other filters like discount types to get specific coupons that you want to print.)
  4. Select the coupons you want to print using the checkboxes provided alongside each coupon.
  5. Click on the ‘Print’ button.

My Account

This is for your customers who want to print all their valid coupons.

For this, your customers need to go to their My Account > Coupons section.

  1. Then click on the ‘Print Coupons’ button.
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