Savings Pro - Setup Categories Listing Page

To create a Categories Listing Page, go to Pages -> Add New

  1. Enter Page Title
  2. Select Coupon Categories Listing as Page Template.
  3. Click Publish/Update for Save.

Page title:

Insert your Page Title in the input area. This position is shown in the step.1 

Select page layout option:

In Page layout section there have 4 options. Which area Default (Theme options), Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar,  No Sidebar

If you want to get this section you need to select step.2

Custom page header:

In the Custom page header there have two options Show page title and Hide page title  

If you want to get this section your need to select step.3

Click Publish/Update for Save.

Hide breadcrumb:

Check this if you want to hide breadcrumb. NOTE: you must install plugin Breadcrumb Navxt to use Breadcrumb. If you want to get this section your need to select step.4

Hide Header cover:

If you hide the header cover image then check this box. You will get this option into the step.6

Cover background image:

Uploading the cover background image you need to set click Add or Upload File. In this option, you will find the options step.6

Cover background color:

If you want to set the cover background color you need to select the color from the color picker which is Cover Background Color. With this option, you will get the step. 7

Selecting page template:

Select Store Listing by Alphabet from the page template with this option, and you will get the step. 8

Publish the template:

To publish the template you need to click submit button, and you will get the step. 9

Coupon Categories page (Front View):

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