Savings Pro - Add New Store

To add a new store go to Dashboard > Coupons > Store

Fill Up Following There Steps

  1. Enter the store name.
  2. Enter store slug (optional).
  3. Parent store (optional).
  4. Enter store description (optional).
  5. Auto generate thumbnail (optional): If you enable auto-generate thumbnail, this function auto-downloads store home page screenshot and sets it as thumbnail for this store if store URL is correct.
  6. Custom store heading (optional): The title will display in a single store, for example, “Amazon Coupon Code and Deals”. If empty then store custom heading from theme option will be used. You can use %store_name% for the current store name.
  7. Select a store thumbnail (optional).
  8. Featured Store (optional): Check this if you want to set this store as featured.
  9. Click the “Add New Store” button to save your store.


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