WooCoupon - General

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel > WooCoupon > Add New Coupons > Coupon Data
  2. In Coupon Data options there have a tab options name as General.

In General there have few basic input fields which enhance the better coupon settings. These options are give bellow,

Discount Type: 

You can set your discount type into by this option. In here there have four features. They are,

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed cart discount
  • Fixed product discount
  • Store Credit / Gift Certificate

Percentage discount:

In percentage discount the coupon is set with the percentage of the total cart.

Fixed cart discount:

The discount will be the fixed amount for total cart in the Fixed cart discount area.

Fixed product discount:

In the fixed product discount is that discount where product is fixed. User can select the fixed product.

Store Credit / Gift Certificate:

It is a voucher or stored credit or gift certificate for discount. User can easily set it into there cart page and checkout page. But user can use it only one time in there cart or checkout page.

Coupon amount:

Adding your coupon value insert your coupon amount here.


Allow Free Shipping:

If the coupon grants free shipping then you need to check the input filed.


Coupon expiry date:

For insert your expiry date into your coupon you need to set the expiry date.

Coupon expiry time:

For insert your expiry time into your coupon you need to set the expiry time.

Max discount:

You can set your maximum amount of discount area into this section.  This is only used in only Percentage Discount.

For new user only?:

For new user coupon will be valid for the store when the input filed will be checked.

Valid for:

Set days for valid coupon you need to set days for auto generated coupons.

Auto generate new coupons with each item:

Generate exact copy of this coupon with unique coupon code for each purchased product (needs this coupon to be linked with that product)

Show on cart, checkout and my account?:

This coupon will be visible on cart/checkout page for every user you need to check this input area.

Auto apply?:

This coupon will be applied automatically, if it is valid. If enabled in more than 5 coupons, only 5 coupons will be applied automatically, rest will be ignored when the input is checked.

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