WooCoupon FAQ

Showing “Invalid post type” message, when adding coupon/WooCoupon.

First enable your store to use of coupon area.

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard and then Click WooCommerce
  2. Click the Settings of WooCommerce
  3. Then go to the General Tab

Adding your all necessary option to the General Tab and clicking the Save Changes button.

WooCoupon’s fields are broken?

Temporarily de-activate all plugins except WooCommerce & WooCoupons. Re-check the issue, if the issue still persists, contact us (from the link at the end of this page). If the issue goes away, re-activate other plugins one-by-one & re-checking the fields, to find out which plugin is conflicting.

How to change texts of the emails sent from WooCoupon?

You can do this by overriding the email template. How to override email template.

Can coupon code have any spaces in the name? / My Store Credit/Gift Certificate is not working (not generating new coupon code).

No. Coupon code should not have any spaces in the name, Eg, Coupon code should be “gift-certificate” & not “gift certificate”.

What’s the URL to a coupon, so it’s automatically inserted when visiting?

URL of coupon should be like this: . Replace with your own site URL and replace discount5 with the your coupon code.

Do not want to tie store credit to be used by only one customer? / Can a customer send a gift certificate to themselves to pass on to someone else?

Edit the main coupon which is entered in “Coupons” field of the product edit page, then go to “Usage Restrictions” > “Disable Email Restriction” and disable this setting and save the coupon.

Getting ‘Page Not Found Error’ when accessing Coupons tab from My Account Page?

Go to WordPress -> Settings -> Permalinks and click on Save Settings once.

Is there any reference file for creating an import file for coupons?

There is one file which is located inside the plugin. The file name is sample.csv If you want to import coupon through file, the file should be like sample.csv

Available coupons are not visible on Cart, Checkout & My Account page?

WooCoupon uses hooks of Cart, Checkout & My Account page to display available coupons. If your theme is not using those hooks in cart, checkout & my-account template, coupons will not be displayed.

Uncheck “Auto-generate” option in Store Credit is not saving? Is it always checked?

Store Credit’s default behavior is auto-generate because, when using a store credit, it’s balance keeps reducing. Therefore it should be uniquely created for every user automatically.

WooCoupon is not sending emails.

WooCoupon sends email only after order completion. So make sure that order complete email is enabled and sending. If enabled, then make sure all settings of coupons, products are in place. Also check by switching your theme.

“Store Credit Receiver detail” form not appearing on checkout page?

This form is displayed using a hook which is available in My Account template. Make sure your theme’s my-account template contains all hooks required for that template. Update your theme if it is not updated.

Does WooCoupon allow printing of coupon as Gift Card?

No, it doesn’t provide any feature which enables you to take a printout of the generated coupon, but if you can take printout from your email, you can use it as an alternative.

Is it possible to have a coupon for each variation of the variable product?

No, currently, you cannot set a coupon for each variation.

Is WooCoupon compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Yes, WooCoupon does work with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Which features of WooCoupon work with Subscriptions?

Give away a discount or credit on signing up a subscription, give away recurring discount or credits, apply credit during sign up, automatic payment for renewals from credit (Note: When using PayPal Standard Gateway, store credit can be applied only during sign up. Automatic payment for renewals by credit will not work for PayPal Standard Gateway).

How does automatic payment by store credit work with Subscriptions?

Customers can apply store credit on a subscription during purchase of subscription. If the same store credit has sufficient balance, it’ll keep applying it to renewals till the remainder in store credit is higher than renewal price. Customers will be able to apply store credit only during signup. They will not get an option to apply store credit in renewals. But if the store credit will not have sufficient balance to pay for the renewals, then the order will go into pending mode. Now when the customer will go to pay for this renewal order, they’ll get an option to apply store credit again. To activate the subscription again, the customer will have to pay for the renewals. When the customer is paying for the renewals from their account, then in that process they can use the same store credit which didn’t have the sufficient balance, again & pay for the remaining amount.

Is it possible to partially pay for a subscription with store credit and the remainder by another method?

No, this is possible only in those cases where subscription amount is more than store credit’s balance. If store credit’s balance is more than subscription’s total then your bank account or credit card will not be charged.

Is WooCoupon WPML compatible?

Not yet, but this is being worked on. You will find this in later versions.

I’m using WPML & WPML provides support for multi-currency, but WooCoupon only changes currency symbol & the price value remains same. Can WooCoupon change the currency symbol and the price value associated with it?

Currently, It can only change the currency symbol the price value remains the same. WooCoupon is not compatible with multi-currency plugin. You may find this in some future version.

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