WP Coupon Hub - Single Store

You can access this option from-

  • Theme Options > Single Store or
  • Appearance > Customize >Single Store

Coupon Store Template

In the CouponHub theme, the single store page coupons can be displayed in 2 available templates which are :


Show coupons with Coupon TypesExpires DateVotes Option, and Footer.


Show coupons without Coupon TypesVotes Options, and Footer from coupons.

Show Coupon Item Thumbnails

In a single store page, coupon thumbnails can be shown in 4 available options which are :

  1. Default, Show if has thumbnail else store thumbnail instead.
  2. Show if has a thumbnail.
  3. Show discount value as coupon thumbnail:

  1. Hide All:

Store Social Sharing

Enable or disable store social sharing under store title.

Store Custom Heading

Custom heading text for display on the single store page. Use %store_name% to replace with the current store name.

Number of Coupons to Show

Set how many coupons to show on a single store page.

Coupon loop order in single store page

To show your coupon loop order you need to set the coupon loop order in this option. There have two options for your loop. One is ASC and the other is DESC. This coupon loop order will be worked on the single store page. 

Coupon get code button into small device

To enable get code button into small device for store single page you need to check in this option.

Show related store title

To enable related store title you need to check in this option.

Enable Coupon Submit button for Store Page

Enable or Disable the coupon submit button on the store page.

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