WooCoupon - Add New Coupon

For adding new coupon in WooCoupon Plugin you need to follow these steps,

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel > WooCoupon 
  2. Click Add New Coupons to create a new coupon.
  3. Add your Coupon Code. You can Generate coupon code and Copy coupon code by clicking those buttons.
  4. Add your coupon description into your Description area.
  5. The General Tab of Coupon data has few options. Select the Discount type from those options.
  6. Adding Coupon amount from the options.
  7. Click Publish button to create this coupon.

Set your Coupon Date

Discount Type: Under the ‘Discount type’, select from any of the three WooCommerce’s core discount types –

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed cart discount
  • Fixed product discount

Coupon amount: Enter the discount value you want to provide to your users.

Allow free shipping: Enable this option if the coupon grants free shipping.

Coupon expiry date: Set the coupon expiry date.

Coupon expiry time: Set the exact time you want the coupon to get expired. This works in conjunction with the coupon expiry date.

Max discount: Limit the maximum discount that can be redeemed. Say 30% off upto $50. (This option is visible only for the percentage discount coupon)

For new user only?: When checked, this coupon will be valid for the user’s first order on your store.

Valid for: You can define the expiry date of a coupon in days, weeks, months and years. (This option is visible only for auto-generated coupons)

Auto generate new coupons with each item: Enable this option to auto generate coupons.

Show on cart, checkout and my account?: When checked, this coupon will be visible on the cart /checkout page for everyone. (This option will be not be visible for store credit discount type)

Coupon code format: Set up a prefix and/or suffix if you wish. (This option is visible only for auto-generated coupons)

Auto apply?: If you want this coupon to get automatically applied, enable this option.

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