Savings Pro - Install Plugins
  1. After you have activated your theme, you’ll see a notice about required plugins for Savings Pro, to proceed click “Begin installing plugins”.

  1. On clicking on it, you will be redirected to the Install Required Plugins Page. Alternatively, this page can be accessed from Appearance > Install Plugins as well.
  2. You will now see a list of plugins required and recommended for use with this theme. Click on the Select All checkbox to select plugins.
  3. Click on the Bulk Actions dropdown menu, choose the Install dropdown option and click the Apply button.

  1. If all plugins are installed successfully, click Return to Required Plugins Installer then you will be redirected to WP Plugins page.

  1. In case you encounter any problems, try installing theme one by one.
  2. After you have installed all the plugins, activate them by navigating to the Plugins page, selecting the required plugins, choosing Activate from the dropdown option and clicking on Apply button.

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