AffCoupon - Add a New Coupon
To add a new coupon, follow these steps:
  1. Click on "Add New Coupon" under the AffCoupon menu. 

Fill in the coupon details using the provided options:
  1. Enter the coupon title in title input box
  2. Coupon Type: Select the type of coupon (e.g., Coupon, deals, image).
  3. Coupon Code: Enter the coupon code (if applicable).
  4. Coupon URL: Add the URL where users can redeem the coupon.
  5. Discount Amount/Text: Specify the discount amount or text (e.g., 20% off, $10 discount).
  6. Coupon Description: Provide a brief description of the coupon or deal.
  7. Coupon/Deal Expiration: Set the expiration date for the coupon or deal.
  8. Show Expiration Date: Choose whether to display the expiration date on the coupon.
  9. Hide Coupon: If you want to hide the coupon temporarily without deleting it, check this box.
  10. Show/Hide Feature Image: Add or remove the featured image for the coupon.
  11. Theme Color: Select a color for the coupon to match your branding.
  12. Coupon Template: Choose a template for the coupon display (various templates are available).
  13. Coupon Category: Select a coupon category or add a new category
  14. Coupon Vendor: Select a coupon vendor or add a vendor
  15. Now set a feature image
Finally Click the Publish Button to add a new coupon.

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