Coupon Mart - Add New Coupon

To add a new coupon go to Dashboard > coupons > Add New

Fill Up Following There Steps

  1. Enter coupon Title.
  2. Enter coupon Description (optional).
  3. Coupon Type:Select a coupon type, there are 3 coupon types you can choose
    • Coupon (Coupon Code, Promo Code)
    • Sale (Promotion Link, Deals),
    • Printable (Printable Ticket, Invitation Card, Gift Card, etc.)
  4. Coupon Code: This field depends on the coupon type that you selected in step 3. You will have different fields for each type.
  5. Coupon URL (optional): Where this coupon applies for. If you keep empty this field the coupon Will apply in the store home URL.
  6. Coupon Expires: Set the expiration date and time.
  7. Start Date (optional): Set a start date and time for the coupon.
  8. Discount Value (optional): This discount value display as a coupon thumbnail.
  9. Free Shipping Coupon (optional): Enable this option, if your coupon discount is free shipping.
  10. Exclusive Coupon (optional): Set a coupon as exclusive.
  11. Set Coupon Thumbnail (optional): If keep empty this, takes the store thumbnail as a coupon thumbnail.
  12. Select a Store for the coupon.
  13. Select Categories for coupons.
  14. Click the “Publish” button to publish your coupon.

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