WP Coupon Mate - Setup Home Page

By default, WordPress sets the blog page as the main page and this isn’t what most of us want,  we need custom pages. To change WordPress default settings you have to follow the steps:


Step-1: Add New Page / Update a Page

For Create a new page,  go to Pages > Add New

  • Enter Title
  • Select FrontPage as Page Template.
  • Select Hide Page Title as a Custom page header.
  • Click Publish/Update for Save.

Step-2: Select Home Page

  • Go to Settings -> Reading.
  • Frontpage displays: Select A static page and select the page that you want to set as home page.
  • Click the Save Changes button.

Step-3: Setup Home Page Design

Go to Appearance > Widgets or Appearance  > Customize > Widgets. 

Homepage Popular Stores Section

Add WP Coupon Popular Stores widget in Frontpage Before Main Content Section

Enter the value of the widget title, Number of stores shown, and the number of items per row.

Homepage Most Popular Coupon

Add WPCoupon Coupons widget in Frontpage Main Content area and set values like the below image.

Home Page Favorite Categories

Add WPCoupon Categories Grid View widget in Frontpage After Main Content area.

Set widgets values like the below image.

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